Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The day she broke up wif me..

Tis is the last blog im writing. Who knows wad might happen next. It all seem just instantly.. and i dint realised it.. I duno wad to do now.. all i do is just pointless.. Cant even sleep..eat or do my daily routine... keep tossing from my bed kept thinking.. Its like my soul is taken.. the cold chill to my stomach.. I cant take tis pain.. I duno wad to do. What hav i done wrong?.. Isit coz i care about u too much? isit coz i'm oversea for too long and the love juz faded away. but still dont understand why she cries for... does she still loves me? My eye is now dried up. i cried so much tat i think im having a fever... I felt hopeless and too depressed. Thought like my life is about to end here. But she told me she kept it for so long and wanting to tell me tat she had consider and reconsider her decision. I hope she is right about her decision.. I couldnt reject her decision coz i love her so much tat i juz wan her to be happy....... So i had to agree wif her decision. Besides, she dont love me anymore, tats wad she told me.. and tat really saddens.. I feel guilty for not being there for her during her bday tis year and tis christmas while in tis hell.. Since we broke up i dont think im ever get a chance not even a single chance to meet her again... coz i think its best for me not to get in her way... I hope she is happy. I hope she can find her peace. I hope one day she will find her true love.. goodbye my first love..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally got pork to eat XD

having bbq honey pork for dinner~ XD

Saturday, March 5, 2011

3rd Day

Ah Ning, Ah Kien and Ah Hong

Our Fishing spot! XD

View from outside the Deakin Uni campus

Side Entrance to Deakin uni

23nd Feb 2011

2nd Day in Geelong

21st Feb 2011

My 1st meal Salt & Pepper Pork Rice cost AUD8.90 @@

My room after unpacked XD

We soon discover where our campus at. XD

erm wads Ah Ning doing.. xD

yup its 15 degrees in summer! and its about to get colder in autumn @@

Ah Hong the chef XD

1st cooking

1st day in Geelong

Ah.. INTERNET!! atlast i can start blogging again...
Sorry dear, was suppose to update my blog daily for u to see~ ^^ Well, since i juz got the internet so here goes>
20 - 21st Feb 2011
While at the Kuching International Airport, finally i get to meet up wif my dear's mum. She wanted to see me as well as my dear. Gosh.. missing her very much already.... >.< While i reach KLIA, was hungry so i go grab me a burger at McD wif my frens. We waited for a bout 4 hours at the airport. Then i manage to phone my dear b4 i board the plane. It has been a pretty long hours flight of 8 hours to reach Melb airport. Then again, i did not enjoy the long flight as sum kids keep running around making noises in the plane.. even didnt get a good nite sleep coz of the baby keep crying next to me..
Finally, reaching melb airport. i could oledy feel the chill from the cold wheather outside. "DEAKIN UNIVERSITY", as i saw a guy holding a large cardboard banner. Meeting up wif the uni staff and the driver name Steven. haha. which has da same name as my fren. We got our bags and was ready to leave and was on or way to Geelong using a van. It was about 45 mins. till we reach Geelong.
Reaching Ryrie Hall, the apartment tat me and my frens are going to stay for a year, we got out from the van and it was very cold and breezy than the last time i came to melb. Although it was still summer but it was lik 15 degrees tat nite. XD
Here are sum photos of my room.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Goodbye my love~ am going to miss u~

in few more hours.. i'll be flying off to the land of "big jumping mouse". XD am gonna miss my family and frens and ofcoz beloved dear~^^ i wish her all the best in her studies as i am about to do so as well. =) Although we are 5,600 kilometres away but i can still feel tat ur sumwhere, very close, inside my heart~<3 ^^ i will owes love u no matter wad~


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day with my dear~

Yesterday was valentine's day, me and my dear had a great time together.^^ We went MBO at The Spring to watch movies. yup not juz 1 but 2 movies. XD We watched:

No String Attached



After hours of movie, we head to pizzahut for our dinner^^ juz sumthing different than a normal romantic candlelight dinner i guess XD

Almost forgot, my lovely gift from my dear tat i wana show. ^^

Thought i was suppose to give her flowers but instead i gave her a book called Shoppaholic as she loves reading.^^ And in exchange our gifts, she gave me a new wallet. Thank you dear~<3 muaks~^^ luv u~~